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The practice of deploying bots to gather information and material from a website is known as web scraping. A web scraper service provider collects the basic HTML code and data kept in a server, unlike screen scraping, which scrapes pixels seen on screen. After that, the scraper can duplicate a whole website's content elsewhere.

Many digital firms that rely on data gathering use web scraping. Companies that do market research use scrapers to get information from social media and forums. A website is crawled by web search algorithms, which then examine its data and assign it a score.

Cost comparison websites use bots to obtain product prices and details from affiliated seller websites. Web scraping is furthermore employed for activities like price-gouging and content theft. A website that gets scraped might incur significant financial losses, especially if it is a company that relies on competitive pricing methods or engages in content distribution.

Large-scale material stealing from a specific website is referred to as content scraping. Online product directories and websites that rely on digital material to generate traffic are common targets. A content-scraping assault might be fatal for these businesses.

For instance, creating the material for their database takes time, cost, and effort for virtual local business listings. Scraping can lead to all of it being made available to the public, used in spamming efforts, or sold to rival businesses. 

Major factors to take into account while selecting a web scraping strategy

You now know the standard methods for performing web scraping. Establishing a plan, to begin with, would be the next stage. There are a few elements to consider before choosing a web scraping strategy that might affect your costs and the caliber of the data you obtain.

  1. The grade of data that was scraped

Before subscribing to any services, you must be clear about your requirements. You should consider the quality of data, the scope and data correctness, and the frequency and amount of scraping websites. You must confirm that the selected scraping method could do without losing vital data. For data analysis, you may require the data to be cleaned.

  1. The occurrence of scraping

If you intend to scrape a lot of data often, the website you are extracting from may eventually stop allowing you to scrape. In such instances, you should ensure that your web scraping staff has the expertise to deal with anti-scraping issues or that your web scraping technology includes IP rotation to prevent getting blocked. 

For internal collection and cloud extraction, WebScrapingAPI offers auto IP rotation (you can add custom proxies manually). In contrast to other online scraping solutions, WebScrapingAPI doesn't charge extra for the ability to add custom IPs. 

To learn more about IP rotation, go here.

  1. How many websites do you want to collect data from?

The number of websites you wish to scrape should also be considered when selecting a scraping technique. Given the number of websites, handling scraping crawlers may be a hassle. Many firms use a web scraping service to avoid dealing with all the upkeep.

Use a web scraping solution that can handle a broad range of websites, control all the crawlers at once, and interact with various systems that facilitate data transmission if you decide to do it yourself. Alternatively, you might work with a group or a freelancer to manage the entire process and save effort.

Criteria for selection of a web scraper service

Web scraper service providers give data collection and exportation services to enterprises. Often known as web scraping, data extraction is extracting information from a site or other sources, such as online applications, texts, and others, employing web scraping services. 

Web scraping technologies replicate data scraping by gathering specific information from the publisher. Data extraction services enable businesses to outsource their collection demands to specialists and technicians that precisely filter through website pages, datasets, files, photos, and files.

Customers may submit their requests and information sources to these web scraper service providers, who will handle the entire extraction procedure on their behalf.

Organizations may use web scraper service providers to create leads, obtain helpful information from competitor websites, uncover insights from massive datasets, and enhance the analysis of otherwise unstructured data. These services may use data extraction software to aid in the extraction process.

A web scraper service provider must meet the following criteria to be included in the data extraction services category:

  • Make available a workforce of data extraction pros.
  • Have the capacity to gather information from several sources.
  • Deliver extracted data to customers in a variety of readable formats.

Top 6 web scraper service providers

To acquire the needed data, you must spend hours setting up, host manually, concern about being blocked (although this is not a problem if you use an IP rotation proxy), etc. Instead, you may employ a web scraper service to give the provider all the hassles, allowing you to concentrate on gathering data for your company.

Check some of the popular web scraping services below:

  1. Datamam

While many businesses rely primarily on automated input and their client's ability to use web scraping technologies, Datamam provides white-glove consulting. It collaborates with customers to create custom software and apps tailored to their requirements. Its expertise with over tens of thousands of searches enables them to advise on solution design, appropriate websites, search rates, and data structures.

It provides clients with important information, allowing them to make better decisions quickly. Datamam's web scraping solution may help you accomplish everything from finding competitive pricing to auditing merchant directories and tracking customer opinion.


  • Customized Solutions

Engineers create unique software and apps for your company, saving you time.

  • Scraping Services Without Limits

Simple software allows you to search for and receive knowledge on any topic for less.

  • Extraction by Automation

Custom code allows for quick scraping of accessible data sets from any provider.

Scraping Process Optimization saves time and allows you to enhance methods and make critical decisions more quickly.

Pricing: - $5,000 - $40,000/month

  1. CrawlNow

CrawlNow offers data-driven enterprises of all sizes cloud-based, bespoke web scraping solutions. Because of its experience with highly distributed web mining and best-in-class technology, it is the most dependable, accessible, and cost-effective data extraction solution on the market.

It handles everything from product creation to establishing and managing web crawlers and ensuring data quality and on-time transmission. CrawlNow has been a dependable source, and its data streams are always thorough and correct.


  • Web scraping solution for any size business
  • Data as a Service that is fully managed, with no IT infrastructure necessary
  • Easy accessibility
  • A quicker and less expensive option for recruiting a web scraping developer
  • Any domain(s), any complexity, and any pace
  • Free project evaluation
  • Best suited for larger teams and data demands
  • Dashboard for Data QA
  • API access and data streams on a schedule for data extraction
  • Group cooperation
  • There are countless records
  • Free project evaluation

Pricing: - $449 - $799/month

  1. ScrapeHero

ScrapeHero is a web scraper service that provides enterprise-grade solutions. It arranges crawlers, runs them, processes the data, evaluates the integrity, and ensures it is provided on time. It also offers automation, adaptability, and operational efficiencies to offer our clients outstanding service at no additional expense.


  • Intensive Web Scanning

Without having to worry about being blocked, purchasing servers, or managing proxies, crawl millions of sites at crazy speeds.

  • Data on tourism, airlines, and hotels

Using our sophisticated web scraping services, you may collect hotel reviews, rates, reservations, and airline ticket costs from various sources.

  • Automating Process

Streamline every area of your company. 

Decrease manual labor, expenses, and mistakes brought on by human data input and verification. 

Gather the information and merge it from websites without an interface. 

Create complicated automation processes or automate time-consuming, massive jobs.

  • Brand Monitoring

Web scraping is the driving force behind the designed brand monitoring program created with your demands and specifications.

Pricing: - $449 - $5,000/month 

  1. Grepsr

Grepsr equips businesses with reliable, precise, and valuable data. It offers a data management platform that allows project teams to collaborate, automates the processes for extracting and delivering data, and improves our ability to provide high-quality services at scale. 

Additionally, it offers technical consultancy to help you design your data needs and find the findings you're looking for. It has worked with almost every industry over the past ten years and has dealt with use cases whose intricacy has never been matched.


  • Development of unique software for occasional or small-scale data extraction that complies with legal requirements and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Ideal for typical data scraping requirements.
  • Manage your data integration and collection operations and check the data quality.
  • Create personalized schedules to ensure that standard extractions happen on time. Plan your data collectors using our scheduler to manage the data-collecting process.
  • Support for a variety of delivery locations and data structures. Integration with well-known systems like Google Cloud, Azure, Amazon S3, and more.
  • Review of the law and GDPR compliance
  • Verified QA Techniques
  • Anti-Ban Solution Custom Delivery Format Solving

Pricing: - $450 - $5,000/month

  1. Apify

Engineers from Apify are available to help throughout the entire project's lifetime. It can assist you with ramping up, maintenance, and evidence of concept development. It guarantees a high-quality construction that is less likely to break, which reduces costs and enhances reliability over time.

Apify enables businesses and programmers to simplify all manual tasks they perform online.


  • Design Proof of Concept

You may achieve proof of concept by outsourcing the build to Apify and integrating the scrapers into your existing business platforms.

  • Maintenance

Safeguarded by a service contract, the Apify group can keep an eye on your web scrapers' performance to ensure that any faults are identified and fixed, preventing poor data quality from affecting the rest of your systems.

  • Launch

Compared to an internal method, the Apify project team can construct and deploy web scrapers for you more, freeing up the internal development team to work on other jobs and projects.

Look for random websites and give JavaScript code to gather information from web pages. The operator handles both URLs and iterative scanning. This feature is the fundamental web scanning tool from Apify.

Pricing: - $49 - $499/month

  1. WebScrapingAPI

WebScrapingAPI is an easy, quick, and dependable REST API that extracts HTML from any online page. It handles all potential blocking factors in the backend, including firewalls, Javascript processing, IP spins, CAPTCHAs, and others. When attempting to web-scrape a website, you may encounter several obstacles that WebScrapingAPI takes care of.

The use of web scraping APIs (WSAPI) helps businesses to expand their current web-based systems as a well-thought-out collection of services for assisting mobile application and developer support, developing new business platforms, and enhancing partner interaction.


Web scraping APIs provide clean, organized data from current websites so that other applications can use it. The data exposed by web scraping APIs may be tracked, changed, and managed. When migrating websites to settings, the built-in architecture of online scraping APIs enables developers to incorporate website modifications without changing the collection algorithm.


  • Get information from any website
  • Easy to customize and use
  • With our sophisticated capabilities, you may experiment with protocols, IP mapping, persistent sessions, and many other options to tailor your queries to your particular requirements.
  • Enterprise-grade scalability and lightning-fast scraping

Pricing: - $49 - $799/month

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the price of web scraper services, it is time to go forward and get the product or service that best matches your demands and budget.

If you are starting, check out WebScrapingAPI, an excellent no-code solution for obtaining large-scale web data. Try WebScrapingAPI to explore the universe of data!


  • Scraper API

Data from websites may be obtained using the Web Scraping API capability without running the danger of being blocked. Because of this, IP rotation is the feature that fits it the best.

  • Amazon Product Data API

You may also extract data in JSON format using the Amazon Product Data API function. It is advised to use this capability for a secure JavaScript rendering process.

  • Google Search Results API

You may access the most beneficial insights and actions in your Search Console account thanks to the capability provided by the Search Console API. With its help, you may update your sitemaps, display your verified sites, and keep an eye on your search stats.


Significant businesses like InfraWare, SteelSeries, Deloitte, and others rely on WebScrapingAPI solutions because of these advantages.

Register for a free 30-day trial to check out the comprehensive WebScrapingAPI package.

The fact that no data is unavailable for web data extraction utilizing these web scrapers is unique. Go ahead and use the data you retrieved to develop your business.

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