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Extract HTML from any web page without getting blocked, Web Scraping API handles everything for you: from rotating proxies to headless browsers, CAPTCHAs and many more.

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Transform any website into an API

Extract HTML from any web page using a simple API and provide ready-to-process data to everyone in your company.

Collect accurate data from any URL

Collect accurate data from any URL

Start extracting unlimited amounts of structured data from any URL without blocks. Our patented anti-fingerprint technology, proxy rotator and JavaScript rendering provide accurate results you can rely on.

Use millions of proxies worldwide

Use millions of proxies worldwide

Access our private datacenter, residential and mobile proxies networks. Our extensive pool of IPs is spread across hundreds of ISPs all over the world and offers built-in IP rotation to increase reliability and avoid IP blocks.

Bypass any geo-location restrictions

Bypass any geo-location restrictions

Gather localized data from any geographic location. Web Scraper API allows you to access localized geotargeting data from 195 countries.

Extract information from any JavaScript website

Extract information from any JavaScript website

Activate Java Script rendering with a single parameter using our globally hosted headless browsers. Scrape any website or Single Page Application using Vue, Angular, React o any other library.

Use the API as a proxy

Use the API as a proxy

For complex use-cases that require custom solutions we offer access to our API by using it as a proxy, you can integrate it directly into your application with no extra code required.

Use cases

See how game-changing companies are making the most of our Web Scraper API

360 Web Scraping

Web Scraper API covers all web scraping tasks and use-cases flawlessly from market research, and pricing monitoring to travel fare data, real estate, financial information, and many more.

Formatted Data Extraction

Get formatted JSON data based on your specific requirements in one API call with our custom extraction rules feature. Create data flows inside your company easily and get competitive advantages.

JavaScript Interactions

Interact with JavaScript websites like a pro: wait for elements to load, click, scroll, run custom JS code of your web scraping target page, anything you need to get accurate data.


Create automatic data extraction flows from any website using multiple locations at the same time to detect malicious content or compromised information.

Data Screenshots

Integrate high resolution screenshots of your target web pages or page sections in-to your applications or tools. Web Scraper API can deliver screenshots, raw HTML and formatted JSON format.

Enterprise-grade scaling

We cut unnecessary costs with software or hardware infrastructure. Using our cloud infrastructure, you can easily collect accurate data at large scale.

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WebScrapingAPI has helped us grow our business. The customer support has been amazing, and honestly, if we went with another company, we would be lost.

Sam Coren

Sam Coren

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