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Effortlessly extract authentic and detailed articles and news data from worldwide publishers and the most influential news websites. Empowering large-scale news data extraction with precision.

The power of comprehensive news and article data

Diverse, detailed, delivered - your all-inclusive gateway to every shape and size of news and articles.

Independent & alternative media

Innovative platforms that extend beyond traditional media, offering fresh insights and unique perspectives on world news and events.

Industry-specific outlets

Tailored platforms focusing on niche industries, offering curated news and insights to professionals and field enthusiasts.

Established broadcast networks

Trusted entities including renowned TV networks and newspapers, recognized globally for consistent and comprehensive news coverage.

Personal & group platforms

A diverse mix of blogs, vlogs, and podcasts by individuals or groups, offering a personalized lens on world news and events.

Video news outlets

Unique platforms dedicated to video-based news coverage, offering rich yet complex formats for data extraction and parsing.

News blogs

Platforms offering timely news articles and opinion pieces, usually with a specific thematic focus or niche.

Social media platforms

Dynamic spaces where journalists, brands, and publications source, share, and promote stories and content.

Online news aggregators

Web platforms that curate crucial news data from diverse sources, offering a comprehensive snapshot of world news in one place.

Most common news and article data

Experience seamless integration with our standardized, ready-to-use news and article feed. It's designed to minimize costs, while ensuring top-tier data quality right out of the box.

  • Online news and media publications
  • Specialized content websites
  • User generated content

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Are you a data buyer?

Why scrape news and article sites we're already mastering? Choose us for an express route to robust, dependable news and article data. Opt for the quickest path to rock-solid, trustworthy product insights from news and article sites.

  • Expert team of scraping experts
  • Tailor made
  • Standard or customized data schemas

Use cases for news and article data

Learn how you will use data from news and article websites

Brand monitoring

Stay ahead with robust brand monitoring, tracking online mentions, sentiment analysis, trend identification, and effective risk mitigation.

Market intel

Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive data on consumer trends, competitor moves, and industry insights, fueling informed strategic decisions.

Content refinement

Enhance content visibility and engagement by analyzing industry trends, competitor content, and optimizing your own using SEO tactics.

News curation

Keep your audience updated by gathering news articles from diverse sources, providing a comprehensive view of current events.

Misinformation management

Tackle the spread of false information by identifying sources, analyzing distribution patterns, and strategizing effective countermeasures.

AI training

Leverage the vast web as your data trove, feeding quality labeled data into your machine learning models for improved performance and accuracy.

Dashboard crafting

Craft intuitive dashboards presenting analyzed news data visually, aiding media professionals and audiences to understand industry patterns seamlessly.

Ad campaign tracking

Optimize advertising strategies by tracking ad and affiliate campaigns, ad placements, backlinks, ensuring maximized returns and compliance.

Primed for enterprise excellence

Primed for enterprise excellence

Leverage WebScrapingAPI, the world's leading innovator in constructing robust scraping infrastructure and APIs. Our comprehensive expertise, refined processes, and cutting-edge technology are committed to your success.

Experience seamless collaboration with our dedicated customer success managers who ensure industry-leading consultation and web scraping outcomes. Enjoy unwavering data quality and performance, bolstered by round-the-clock monitoring and support.

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