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Extract formatted real-time search results from Google without getting blocked at scale.

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Take control of your SERP data quality with intuitive features and real-time results built for enterprise scale.

Real Time Results

Real Time Results

All API requests return search results instantly while mimicking real-users searching from their devices and locations using our state of the art browsers and proxy infrastructure.

Geolocation Accuracy

Geolocation Accuracy

Extract Google search results from any location in the world, localize your queries to country, city, state, or zip code targeting. Your API calls are routed using our global proxy network in 195 countries.

Everything On Page in Formatted Results

Everything On Page in Formatted Results

Get ready to process data in formatted JSON, CSV or HTML from all engines including organic results, maps, local results, knowledge graph. Structured data provides links, addresses, tweets and many more.

Get Data From Desktop, Mobile or Tablet

Get Data From Desktop, Mobile or Tablet

SERP API uses desktop, mobile and tablet browsers with real user fingerprinting to scrape accurate search results at scale.

Infrastructure Performance

Infrastructure Performance

We process millions of API requests per day from multiple locations using our globally distributed cloud and proxy infrastructure, featuring complete resource isolation, automatic scalability, and high availability.

Use cases

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Get ranking data and track your performance across any domain, keyword, country and language.

Ad Verification

Monitor your ads, identify ad fraud attempts from the early stages or monitor your competitors search engine marketing strategies.

Local SEO

Optimize your marketing strategy based on local and maps search engine results and access reliable data.

Background Checks

Extract personal information or company data in real-time and perform background checks.

AI Models

Build large datasets for your AI machine learning models using multiple data sources from various search engines based on your goals.

News Monitoring

Collect Google news results and monitor mentions, create pattern predictive models or analyze trends to take data driven decisions.

eCommerce Data

Fetch results from Google product pages and monitor prices, create ecommerce data sets and automate product management.

Brand Monitoring

Monitor your brand for mentions or follow your product activity for counterfeiting or other brand risks.

Market Research

Understand your audience and their preferences, forecast based on new trends, and create better products.

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