Scraper APIs

Focus on data, not the technicalities: bypass infrastructure hassles and product development.

Scraper API

Extract data at scale from any web page.

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Extract formatted data from Google search queries.

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Amazon API

Extract data from Amazon in JSON format.

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Advanced proxy solutions customized for web scraping and data gathering.

Residential Proxies

Mimic organic users without IP blocking.

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Web Stealth Proxies

The most advanced proxy solution for web scraping.

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Use cases

Elevate your competitive game in your Industry

Brand monitoring

Safeguard your brand's reputation. Track your online presence, understand consumer sentiment, and navigate the competitive landscape with real-time insights.

Price intelligence

Stay competitive with our price intelligence service. Monitor market trends, competitor prices, and consumer behavior to optimize your plans strategy.

Financial data

Access detailed financial data to inform your investment decisions. Get real-time market trends, stock prices, and in-depth company analysis.

Ad verification

Validate your ad's integrity with our ad verification service. Ensure your ads are displayed correctly and in the right context to boost effectiveness.

Market research

Drive business strategy with our comprehensive market research service. Understand market trends, consumer behavior, and industry dynamics for informed decision-making.


Stay ahead in the travel industry with real-time data. Track flight prices, hotel rates, tourist trends, and more to optimize offerings and enhance customer experience.


Improve your online visibility with our SEO & SEM services. Access keyword trends, backlink data, competitor strategies, and more to enhance your search engine performance.

Website change monitoring

Never miss a website update. Monitor your competitors, track changes, and respond swiftly with our website change monitoring service.

Alternative data

Make informed decisions with our alternative data service. Access non-traditional information sources for a unique perspective on market trends and consumer behavior.


Enhance your security posture with our cybersecurity service. Monitor threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches to protect your business.

Review monitoring

Understand your customers better with our review monitoring service. Track online reviews, respond to feedback, and improve your product or service based on customer insights.


Improve patient care with our healthcare data service. Access patient trends, research data, healthcare provider information, and more to enhance healthcare delivery.

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