Web Scrape Business Location And Directory Data

Extract precise and trustworthy business location data from complex websites and directories with exceptional ease and efficiency.

Comprehensive business locations and directory data

Diverse, detailed, delivered - your all-inclusive gateway to every shape and size of business locations and directory information.


Harness extensive and precise data from diverse retail platforms and stores, offering comprehensive insights into global retail landscapes.

Real estate

Gather meticulously detailed data from real estate listings and databases, underpinning market intelligence for property investors and developers.


Acquire comprehensive data from healthcare providers and institutions, bolstering health sector research and competitive analysis.

Parks and leisure

Extract rich data from leisure and park databases, enhancing understanding of recreational spaces and their usage.

Banks and financial institutions

Collect in-depth data from banking and financial platforms, reinforcing financial market analysis and investment strategies.

Agriculture and farming business

Capture extensive data from agricultural platforms and farming businesses, strengthening industry trends analysis and market forecasting.

Public services and government buildings

Pull exhaustive data from public service and government directories, supporting research into public sector developments and trends.

Educational institutions

Gather detailed data from educational directories and databases, reinforcing academic research and institutional comparison.

Most common business data

Experience seamless integration with our standardized, ready-to-use business data feed. It's designed to minimize costs, while ensuring top-tier data quality right out of the box.

  • Entity Title
  • Corporate Synopsis
  • Official Address
  • Geographical Coordinates
  • Industry Segments
  • Central Office Location
  • Directory Presence
  • Operating Timetable
  • Consumer Feedback and Scores
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Owned Properties
  • Legal Address
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Adjacent Landmarks
  • Ownership Nature
  • Stock Exchange Identifier
  • Connectivity Facilities
  • Formation Details
  • Fiscal Compliance Data

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Use cases for business data

Learn how you will use business data from multiple websites

Lead generation

Boost your marketing efforts by utilizing our data extraction to gather comprehensive business information, assisting in pinpointing potential customers and key decision-makers.

Fraud detection

Implement advanced security measures and reduce risk by using our data scraping services to identify suspicious activities or inconsistencies in business listings.

Geospatial analysis and GIS

Utilize the power of location data to conduct comprehensive geospatial analysis, aiding in critical decision-making and strategic planning.

Commercial property and investment analysis

Propel your investment strategies forward by leveraging our extensive data extraction capabilities to gain insights into commercial property values and trends.

Government planning

Support policy-making and urban planning with our extensive location data, aiding in the development of sustainable and effective public initiatives.

Route planning

Optimize logistics and delivery routes with comprehensive location data, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.

Resource planning

Enhance operational efficiency and strategic planning with our location data, assisting in optimal resource allocation and site selection.

Competitor intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging our data scraping capabilities to gain a comprehensive understanding of competitor locations, services, and performance.

Real estate monitoring and analysis

Gain an edge in the real estate market by utilizing our extensive location data to monitor property values, trends, and investment opportunities.

Facilities analysis

Utilize location data to carry out detailed analysis of facilities for strategic planning, performance improvement, and expansion initiatives.

Map visualization

Enhance user experience and spatial understanding with our data, which can be integrated into interactive map visualizations for a variety of applications.

Trends and prediction

Harness the power of location data to identify market trends, predict future growth areas, and inform strategic decision-making.

Industry intelligence

Stay informed about key industry developments with our comprehensive business location data, aiding in strategic planning and competitive analysis.

Risk analysis

Evaluate potential risks associated with specific geographical locations by using our comprehensive location data, assisting in informed decision-making and risk mitigation.


Utilize our location data to generate detailed and accurate maps for various uses such as urban planning, logistics, and market analysis.

Primed for enterprise excellence

Primed for enterprise excellence

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