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Supercharge your business performance: uncover critical insights with the #1 web scraping service delivering tailored data scraping solutions, processing over 1 billion web pages daily.

Web Data: your engine for business growth

We provide crucial insights from the web to drive performance and foster business expansion

Standardized data

Experience the convenience of pre-processed data. We handle the rigorous tasks of identifying, extracting, cleansing, and formatting vast datasets, providing you with ready-to-use, high-quality data.

Customized data

For specific data needs that standard datasets can't fulfill, WebScrapingAPI steps in. We extend existing datasets or gather unique, specialized data to perfectly align with your requirements.


Benefit from our extensive expertise. Whether you're just venturing into web data or tackling complex data problems, our seasoned professionals are ready to assist and guide you.

Why use our managed web scraping services?

We manage the complexities, so you can concentrate on leveraging the delivered data to realize your business objectives.

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Reliable data

Trust in the quality of our web data, which is meticulously curated to empower your business progression.

Tailored solutions

We take the time to understand your specific needs, asking the right questions to deliver precisely the solution you require.

Legal compliance

We are committed to lawful operations. We assess compliance risks diligently and guide our clients about industry best practices.

Unmatched expertise

Benefit from our robust team of over 100 developers, who bring their extensive skills and experience to deliver exceptional service.

Web data types

Regardless of your data needs, rest assured we've got the perfect solution for you.

Custom data

Trustworthy and robust web data, scaled to your needs.

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Data from e-commerce platforms & online marketplaces, all at your fingertips.

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News & article

Stay informed with data from online publishers & news websites.

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Business places

Get the scoop on businesses from directories & location apps.

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Uncover insights with search engine results page (SERP) data.

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Job posting

Stay ahead with data from job boards & recruitment websites.

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Social media

Tap into the pulse of the web with data from social media platforms.

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Real estate

Access comprehensive data from real estate listings & specialist sites.

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Use cases

Elevate your competitive game in your Industry

Brand monitoring

Safeguard your brand's reputation. Track your online presence, understand consumer sentiment, and navigate the competitive landscape with real-time insights.

Price intelligence

Stay competitive with our price intelligence service. Monitor market trends, competitor prices, and consumer behavior to optimize your plans strategy.

Financial data

Access detailed financial data to inform your investment decisions. Get real-time market trends, stock prices, and in-depth company analysis.

Ad verification

Validate your ad's integrity with our ad verification service. Ensure your ads are displayed correctly and in the right context to boost effectiveness.

Market research

Drive business strategy with our comprehensive market research service. Understand market trends, consumer behavior, and industry dynamics for informed decision-making.


Stay ahead in the travel industry with real-time data. Track flight prices, hotel rates, tourist trends, and more to optimize offerings and enhance customer experience.


Improve your online visibility with our SEO & SEM services. Access keyword trends, backlink data, competitor strategies, and more to enhance your search engine performance.

Website change monitoring

Never miss a website update. Monitor your competitors, track changes, and respond swiftly with our website change monitoring service.

Alternative data

Make informed decisions with our alternative data service. Access non-traditional information sources for a unique perspective on market trends and consumer behavior.


Enhance your security posture with our cybersecurity service. Monitor threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches to protect your business.

Review monitoring

Understand your customers better with our review monitoring service. Track online reviews, respond to feedback, and improve your product or service based on customer insights.


Improve patient care with our healthcare data service. Access patient trends, research data, healthcare provider information, and more to enhance healthcare delivery.

Empower your business growth with essential web data

Empower your business growth with essential web data

Make informed decisions, drive operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive web scraping services. Embrace the power of data with WebScrapingAPI.

Standardized and bespoke data schemas

Whether you need data according to our efficient standardized schema or desire a more tailored approach to match your unique requirements, we've got you covered. We meticulously format our data to ensure compatibility with your processes and systems.

Predefined crawl frequency

Never miss a beat in the ever-changing digital landscape. Our predefined crawl frequency ensures you receive up-to-date information, right when you need it.

Multiple output formats and cloud delivery options

Adapting to your workflow, we offer a wide range of output formats including JSON, CSV, and more. Plus, with various cloud delivery options, the data you need is always within reach.


Get the most out of your data with our advanced post-processing services. From record matching to deduping, we enhance the usability of the extracted data, adding value to your operations.

Flexible and scalable solutions

As your business grows, we evolve with you. Our extraction services scale seamlessly with your needs, delivering consistent performance irrespective of the magnitude of data.

Standard, premium, and enterprise level SLAs

Choose from our array of service tiers to find the perfect fit for your business, whether you're a small start-up or a large enterprise. Our commitment to quality and punctuality remains unwavering across all levels.

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