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Extract data at scale with Web Stealth Proxy's ML-powered solution. Say goodbye to IP blocking and enjoy hassle-free web scraping with our comprehensive features.

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How does Web Stealth Proxy work ?

Outsmart advanced anti-bot systems

Our smart IP rotation algorithm ensures that your IP address is not blocked or rate-limited, allowing you to trick advanced anti-bot systems. Web Stealth Proxy is powered by machine learning technology for optimal success rates in bypassing anti-bot systems.

Web scraping without getting blocked
Unbeatable success rates
Time and cost savings

Scrape like a real user

Our real browser fingerprints allow us to set our headless browsers to use headers, JavaScript rendering, cookies, and over 1000 unique parameters to mimic real user behavior.

Real results without fake data
Organic user emulation
Scrape like a real user

Extract localised data anywhere in the world

Web Stealth Proxy gives you the ability to collect localized data without being blocked, thanks to our extensive global geotargeting capabilities spanning 195 countries and over 100 million unique IP addresses.

Access content in any language
Country, city and ZIP code level targeting
Unlimited concurrent connections
Efficient automation
Automatically determine each website's user-agents and save time and resources.
Real-time adjustments
Stay undetected as Web Unlocker adjusts in real-time to new ways websites block bots.
Bypass captchas
Easily collect captcha-protected data with Web Stealth's machine-learning algorithms.
Flexible IP address
Bypass bot detection with datacenter or residential IP for constant access using Web Stealth Proxy

Made for developers

Start scraping websites quickly and easily with Web Stealth Proxy. Its simple backconnect proxy (single-entry node) allows for seamless integration with your existing code. Simply substitute the Web Stealth Proxy entry node for your current one, and you're all set. No additional setup required.

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1const axios = require('axios');
2const https = require('https');
4const instance = axios.create({
5  httpsAgent: new https.Agent({  
6    rejectUnauthorized: false
7  })
10instance.get('https://httpbin.org/get', {
11      proxy: {
12          host: 'stealthproxy.webscrapingapi.com',
13          port: 8000,
14          auth: {
15            username: '<YOUR-PROXY-USERNAME>',
16            password: '<YOUR-PROXY-PASSWORD>'
17          },
18      }
19    }).then(function (response) {
20        console.log(response.data);
21    }, (err) => {
22      console.log(err)

Why choose Web Stealth Proxy over self-managed proxies

Web Stealth ProxySelf-managed proxies
Integration methodBackconnect proxy or direct connectionBackconnect proxy
Wordwide geotagetingCountry, city-level or ZIPCountry
Unlimited concurrent connectionsYesNo
Automated unblockingYesNo
CAPTCHA solvingYesNo
JavaScript renderingYesNo
Full proxy managementYesNo

Bypass restrictions and access any website with Web Stealth Proxy

Seamless integration

Easily integrate Web Stealth Proxy into your existing code with a single-entry proxy-like system.

JavaScript rendering

Effortlessly gather complete and reliable data from JavaScript-heavy websites.

Scalable solution

Scale up as your business grows with ease.

Realistic user emulation

Automatically emulate a real user by starting on the target's homepage, clicking links, and making human-like mouse movements.

IP rate limiting

Control IP usage rates to avoid suspicious data requests from any one IP.

Flexible session control

Extend your sessions by using the same proxy for multiple requests.



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  • 250,000 requests
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  • Country-level targeting


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  • 500,000 requests
  • Dedicated account manager
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  • 1,000,000 requests
  • Dedicated account manager
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  • Country-level targeting


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  • 2,000,000 requests
  • Dedicated account manager
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  • Country-level targeting


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What's included

  • Custom volume requests
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