How to Use Web Scraping for Better SEO

Gabriel Cioci on Jun 05 2021


Web scraping, a well-known subject for this blog’s readers, has multiple benefits for businesses. It is involved in a suite of processes and decisions, and the marketing area makes no exception.

Using web scraping to extract data from public websites tends to be a common practice among businesses in multiple industries. We have talked about frequent use cases of web scraping, but these topics need to be narrowed down and detailed for those who want to go the extra mile. That’s why we wrote about issues like using web scraping for price intelligence and competitors’ research using the different tools available on the market.

But it is time to go further with another marketing process that can be greatly improved. So, in today’s focus, we have SEO and how web scraping can change your entire marketing game and strategy.

Stay tuned to learn more about smart decisions and how to make them.

What SEO means, and how it affects your business

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of improving one’s website in terms of keywords to increase visibility on the search results page. Increased visibility means a greater possibility to attract prospective and existing customers to your business, which in the end will result in a more profitable outcome.

But let’s see how SEO works for real.

Google and Bing, or any other search engine, use bots that crawl from website to website, collect information, and index them. Then, all this information is analyzed based on multiple ranking factors or signals. This way, algorithms determine the order pages should appear in the search results for a given keyword.

Search ranking factors cover multiple aspects connected to user experience like content and website architecture. Content quality and keywords used on the website and blog posts are critical factors of content optimization, and website architecture is essential for the ability to crawl and friendliness.

Optimizing the UX and content of your websites are the main on-site methods of boosting their rank on SERPs. Unlike paid ads, search engine results are focused on organic rank growth.

So giving just the right amount of attention to SEO might be an excellent idea if you are trying to hit the first page in search results and organically maximize your website’s visibility.

And let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to be on the first page when customers search for particular products and services? The competition is high, and the spots on the first page are limited. That’s why you need to use every advantage technology gives you and make sure you maximize your chances.

SEO and web scraping, a love-love relationship

Every relationship needs to be nurtured, even though we are talking about a business one. There are three combinations for maximized results: SEO and web scraping work like fire and gasoline to give you the boost you need for your business.

First, you can track the page ranks by scraping various search engine results pages for particular keywords. You can easily do that by searching for an important keyword that describes your product or service.

For example, we know that WebSrapingAPI is a web scraping tool, so by searching after “web scraping” on Google and scraping the results page, we can learn where WebScrapingAPI ranks for this targeted keyword and which the direct competitors for this tool. Extracting data from the search result page gives you the opportunity to create personalized reports and charts meant to inform you which keywords are worth investing in.

Second, if you aim to rank higher for more exposure and clicks, our suggestion is to look at what your competitors are using in terms of keywords and phrases.

Using web scraping tools like WebScrapingAPI helps you extract their site content. Having this on your computers makes it easier to run a text analysis and have an accurate insight into the titles, keywords, descriptions, and links. This information offers the opportunity to create high-quality content for your website and blog so that you generate organic traffic from search engines. For this, running the first step can be a great start.

Finally, ranking changes all the time because even the Internet is a living ecosystem in which things take different shapes. That’s why it is crucial to keep an eye on the updated data so that you know how your keywords change in relationship with others. This option of real-time data is an alternative that most web scrapers provide via cloud services, or you can use your programming skills to build the web scraper to check these data for yourself.

Of course, all these steps and procedures have no power if you don’t take actions that match the web scraping process results.

This means that after gathering and analyzing all the needed data, you will probably have to upgrade your marketing strategy, change some keywords and phrases, and pay attention constantly to everyday changes. This is the safest way to the first search results page, which in the end will bring you more clients and more revenue.

Luckily, WebScrapingAPI is here to guide and support you in your SEO journey.


Our product can sustain every step described ahead so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Did we mention that you will receive 1000 free API calls when you sign up?

Using web scraping as an advantage in creating strategies will transform the way business owners make decisions and how they will implement changes into the processes, making the environment faster and faster every day.

So keep your mind open and take every opportunity that web scraping gives you!

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