Premium Proxy List: Your In-Depth, easy and quick Guide

WebscrapingAPI on Dec 13 2022

The idea of IP address rotation is invoked whenever the topic of leveraging proxies for online tasks, including web scraping, is discussed.

So, however, do not panic if you learn about scraping. It isn’t just a technique that certain dark hackers might employ to gather information. It’s also an extremely useful tool for obtaining data on your present competitive landscape so you can plan forward for the expansion of your firm.

Starting with your online activity, we’ll discuss what a proxy list is, how it works, the best premium proxy software programs, and more. So, read till the end.

Proxy Server List

The open HTTP/ SOCKS/ HTTPS proxy servers, their ports, and the uptime of servers handled on a solo website are all described in a premium proxy server list. Through indirect network connections, it enables us all to access the web. 

Computer IP addresses make up the proxy server list, some of which host free proxy servers while other hosts the paid premium versions. Anyone connected across a network may access the premium proxy server.


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This article includes a list of premium proxy software programs compatible with web browsers that support the usage of proxies. Utilizing a proxy enables users to access banned websites and material by concealing the user’s location.

The majority of proxy listings contain web proxies, which may be accessed without changing any settings of the browser.

Proxy List: What Do You Need It For?

In the arena of proxies, a list of proxies come in handy when it is necessary to rotate proxies and whenever one proxy needs to be assigned to every user or profile. They give bots, scanners, and other sorts of software that help manage internet activities anonymously. 

Several bots and software provide a special field for exporting your list to maintain continued online operations. Online chores like trip aggregation, brand protection, pricing comparison, and more frequently demand the use of various IP addresses, which calls for using a proxy list.

Proxy Server: How Does It Work?


Proxy servers function by enabling web server-to-user queries and responses. Usually, a user visits a site by making a direct request through their IP address to the site’s online server from a web browser. 

The user will receive a specific response from the remote server that contains the cached versions. A proxy server is a go-between for the web server and the user. To hide the user’s actual address from web servers, proxy servers utilize a unique Ip address on the user’s behalf.

The following is how a typical proxy server software configuration operates:

  • The proxy server receives the user’s request.
  • The web server replies to the proxy server with website data.
  • An individual types the URL of a website into their browser.
  • The response is forwarded to the user via the proxy server.

Best Proxy Server List API Tools For Web Scraping

1. WebScrapingAPI


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WebScrappingAPI is an excellent premium proxy list API tool designed to extract data and simplify and streamline things in a developer’s life. The tool is trendy and a go-to premium proxy list API choice due to the following features they offer: 

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Activities that involve scraping off any type of website or page in bulk
  • Up to 195 sites are accessible for geotargeting.
  • IP blocking countermeasures with captcha and biometrics
  • Simple software product integration in several programming languages
  • JavaScript emulation
  • 100 million and more data center, home, and mobile proxies
  • proxies that rotate
  • Customization of the sticky session, header, and timeout limit

You’ll need basic programming knowledge to start scraping straight immediately, just like with any API on this list. Even non-developers can read the material with a little bit of time and patience because it is so simple to understand.

You also have a good deal of freedom in the way you utilize the API. The paperwork covers the following programming languages: Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Curl, C#, and Go.

The API playground is suitable for quick and straightforward tasks. You can immediately obtain HTML code by setting the appropriate settings in the UI there. The best part about WebScrappingAPI is its excellent, affordable premium plans. You can click here to learn all about their pricing. 

2. Free Proxy Lists


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Free Proxy Lists doesn’t have the most attractive website, but it gets right to the point by giving you a long list of IPs. The app’s available proxies from 78 different nations are impressive; this is a figure you would not find from most premium service providers. 

Regrettably, many of these nations have fewer than 10 IP addresses per country. There is frequently just one proxy from the area. You won’t be able to utilize SOCKS because they only have about 600 IP addresses overall, leveraging the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

Finding the best proxy by simply clicking through pages can become monotonous after a while, but the website allows you to filter data by uptime, anonymity, protocol, and country. 

You may also observe colorful loaded bars showing their reaction and transfer rates. Although they are unclear, they can aid in selecting the fastest IPs.

3. Proxy-List


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Proxy-overarching list’s philosophy appears to be quantity over quality. They have more than 17,000 proxies in total; the majority of them are SOCKS 4. You don’t receive any information on the IP’s uptime or ping, resulting in less emphasis on quality. 

Every two hours, the website updates its records and removes IP addresses that aren’t active.

When viewing their lists, you may see the IP address, port number, level of obscurity, and country. That is a bit inadequate compared to the other vendors on this list.

Outcomes can be filtered by country and anonymity (elite, anonymous, or transparent). A few of the nations you can choose from in the filter don’t have any proxies on the service.

So, don’t assume you will always find IPs from any place. Nevertheless, there are still lots of choices.

You can download lists as clear text or immediately to the clipboard in addition to navigating through their numerous pages. Even though this method makes the procedure much faster, the txt file only contains IP addresses. 

Therefore, if you wish to note the countries or ports of origin, you’ll need to collect that information directly from the website. As you may anticipate, it’s advisable to scrape the pages rather than manually collect the data.

4. Scraper API


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With a strong emphasis on proxy functions, Scraper API gives developers all the tools they need to successfully complete large-scale scraping projects. 

In particular, its high-quality proxy pool, anti-Captcha features, and JavaScript rendering make it very effortless to obtain all the information you require.

Requests that fail are automatically retried via the API. Given the outstanding scraping speed, you shouldn’t have any issues obtaining data.

The solution uses the industry-standard JSON data export format, just like any other REST API. They provide software development kits (SDKs) for programming languages, including PHP, Ruby, Python, and NodeJS, which is another amazing feature for developers.

Although Scraper API has a reasonable premium pricing model, they also have a trial package that includes 1000 free API calls. As a result, you can try it out before investing any funds.

How To Choose The Ideal Proxy Servers

To set up one of the best proxy servers, you must first become aware of the following elements that will aid in choosing a proxy server.

1. Port:

The user may connect to the proxy server using this two- or four-digit number. Setting up a proxy connection requires it.

2. Uptime:

It is a metric for system dependability that is stated as a percentage of a machine’s functioning and accessible time. In a nutshell, uptime is the period of time when a server is accessible for everyday use.

3. Proxy Speed:

Proxy connection speed greatly influences the round-trip time for an Online data request (usually entails quite so many elements in addition to the proxy).

4. Anonymity:

There are three different sorts of anonymity:

  • Transparent: Whenever proxy anonymity is clear and transparent, the target server is aware of the system’s IP address as well as the fact that the user is connected through a proxy server.
  • Anonymous: When a proxy connection is fully anonymous, the target server is unaware of the system’s IP address and only recognizes that the user has logged in through a proxy server.
  • Elite: When proxy anonymity is elite, it indicates that the destination server is unaware of the system’s IP address and is only aware that the request is being forwarded through a proxy server.

Proxy Server: Learn The Benefits of Using It

Proxy servers aid users in several ways. It is significant to remember that these advantages rely on the type and setup of the proxy. Before utilizing a proxy, users must always research its core competencies.

1. Anonymous Web Browsing: 

By hiding users’ IP addresses, anonymous proxies enable fully anonymous web browsing.

2. Security: 

With the help of encryption, certain proxy server types (such as HTTPS proxies) can offer encrypted communications. Companies can use transparent proxies to block particular sites that are identified as containing malware. 


Malicious emails, such as phishing scams, can be prevented from getting to employee mailboxes by using SMTP proxies. By preventing questionable and repetitive requests, reverse proxies are excellent at assisting enterprises in protecting against man-in-the-middle (MITM) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

3. Web Filtering: 


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To prevent employees from using particular websites, companies regularly utilize transparent proxies. These proxies record user activity, enabling businesses to monitor how their staff members utilize the Internet for business purposes.

4. Web Acceleration: 

Proxy servers can increase data transfer rates and reduce bandwidth consumption by storing popular sites. Whenever a user uses a proxy to use a server, the proxy will first see if it has any cached copies of the requested data within the database. 

Data retrieval for the user becomes significantly faster thanks to caching, which lowers the number of web requests sent to the proxy server. To increase speeds, load balancing, which distributes user requests uniformly among servers, sometimes employs reverse proxy servers.

5. Switching Geo-Location: 


Companies can use rotating proxies for web-based marketing initiatives wherein data is geo-location-dependent. SEO, market research, web scraping, and rice aggregation are a few great examples of this type of activity.

Are Proxy Servers Safe to Use?

A proxy’s security depends heavily on the proxy and the server settings. Before utilizing a particular proxy to access the Internet, users should know how it works.

While proxy services give users a modicum of anonymity by hiding their IP, the proxy itself tracks both this data and browsing history. Based on the proxy kind, this information might be disclosed to outside parties, leading to a security breach.


Some proxies really aren’t set up with encryption. Thus anyone can observe the user’s online behavior in clear text. Users must leverage unencrypted proxies at their own risk and shouldn’t consider a proxy to be encrypted except if the proxy server settings specifically declare otherwise.

Private proxies offer customers unique access rather than being available for use by anybody on the Internet, making them safer than public proxies. Free proxies typically provide the least level of security due to unrestricted access and frequent lack of encryption. 

Premium proxies are the most incredible option in this situation.

Web Scraping API: The Best Proxy Server List API Tool


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You must choose WebScrappingAPI as your go-to premium proxy server API tool, and here’s why: 

Using Proxies is Simple:

We handle every aspect of proxy management, including effective proxy rotation, access to thousands of domestic and corporate proxy networks, geotargeting, and bypassing rate-restricting websites.

Actual Browsers in Action:


Utilizing our cloud architecture with features like resource isolation, browser management, automatic scaling, and high reliability, you can render the web pages you wish to scrape with actual browsers.

Never Receive Denied Requests: 


We integrate sophisticated anti-bot identification, smart proxy rotation algorithms, and AI profiling data into all of our APIs. Our queries are untraceable and imitate those of a real user using his gadget to browse.

Enterprise-Grade Scaling and Lightning-Fast Scraping:

Over 10,000 enterprises use our APIs to gather more than 50 million pages monthly. We employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that your web scraping aims load in a flash and that you receive the API answer immediately.

Web Scraping API: The Best Option for Scraping APIs


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Due to the prevalence of single-page applications, which primarily rely on JavaScript in contemporary web development, the technology used by Web Scraping API allows you to scrape any web page utilizing Vue, AngularJS, React, or any other JS libraries.

Check out the pricing  plans here!

So, Join  Web Scraping and get started today!

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