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Advanced Node.JS Web Scraping with Puppeteer

While it's not too hard to scrape the web in Node.JS, you won't get far without a headless browser. No worries, here's how to add it in:

Gabriel Cioci
Frontend Developer @ WebScrapingAPI

Understanding REST APIs and their Constraints

APIs come in many shapes and sizes. Of them, REST APIs might be the most popular, but what exactly defines them? Well, let's find out!

Sorin-Gabriel Marica
Full-stack developer @ WebScrapingAPI

Web Scraping in Ruby: The Ultimate Tutorial

What do you get when you take Ruby, a bunch of useful gems and a few hours? The answer - a pretty good web scraper. Here's a step-by-step guide:

The Leading REST API for Web Scraping

The 7 Best Web Scraping Dedicated and Shared Proxy Providers

Proxy selection is a major step in any web scraping project. Today, we'll compare dedicated and shared IPs and propose some providers for you.

Anda Miuțescu
Content Writer @ WebScrapingAPI

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