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Anda Miuțescu on Mar 19 2021

Welcome to the WebScrapingAPI blog!

Whether you are a developer, data scientist, non-coder, small or big company, you have come to the right place. Our articles will help you obtain valuable web scraping information.

We provide it to you in a structured way, with well-done research and a lot of passion in words. Our goal is to deliver quality content through any material we write. It is meant to solve any problem you encounter, help any web scraping project you work on, the business you launch or run, or just to keep you informed and up to date with industry news and products.

As we already said, you have definitely come to the right place!

Let us tell you a little more about us

We are a team of experts, made up of developers, marketers, and web scraping enthusiasts, who have joined forces and the best resources to create one of the best web scraping APIs available on the market - WebScrapingAPI.

A simple, short, and to the point name. Isn’t it?

We chose it so you can find it as quickly as possible. Moreover, we want to give you the simplest and fastest access to its features’ incredible power:

  • HTML formatted responses
  • mass crawling operations on any website you target
  • latest anti-bot detection tools
  • handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs
  • integration with any development language
  • Javascript rendering
  • customization on request (headers, IP geolocation, sticky sessions, and much more)
  • 100M+ rotating proxies: unique, extensive pool of datacenter, mobile and residential IPs across hundreds of ISPs
  • global geotargeting
  • speed obsessive architecture
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • supports programming languages such as Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Go

All in all, WebScrapingAPI is the tool that you can immediately access if you are looking for a flexible and trustworthy web scraping tool. With a simple and free account creation, you can access some of its key features that make this product one of the very best. And the most exciting part is that WebScrapingAPI offers 1000 free API calls, requests available monthly in the free plan.

What will you find on our blog?

If you come either by chance or intentionally on our blog, you will find here almost everything you might be interested in on the subject of web scraping.

We cover topics such as general and in-depth knowledge about web scraping, everything you need to know about tools, APIs, frameworks, use cases, tips for your own projects or those of the company you work for, and much more.

These materials come with a simple approach, that can be understood by the most passionate web scraping people, but also with an advanced approach for experts. At the same time, the articles on the blog are dedicated to both those with coding knowledge and those who want to scrape the net without creating their own scripts.

Last but not least, if you like our articles, we would be very pleased if you would share them on social media. You can do this very easily and quickly. Click on the icon of the channel on which you want to share the article and spread the news to all your friends or colleagues. Tell them about the useful information you have accumulated. You know the saying: knowledge is power and has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement (Peter Drucker).

So, dear reader, we welcome you on a journey of opportunity and advancement.

Come with us through every article and enjoy reading!

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