The Top 8 Web Scrapers In The Market: Everything You Need To Know

WebscrapingAPI on Nov 08 2022

Companies and people are increasingly using web scraping to obtain structured data from the internet. Product details, text, photos, customer reviews, and price comparisons are among the data types that can be scraped.

Robust data extraction tools are now essential for conducting business and retaining customers since organizations scrape data to stay competitive in their sector. Website information can be extracted from websites using softwares like web scraping tools. Anyone trying to gather data from the internet will find these tools useful.

What Is Web Scraping?

The automated collecting of structured data sets from the internet is known as web scraping. Data extraction or web data extraction are other names for web scraping. Companies use web scraping tools to monitor the competition in key business categories like lead generation, market research, price intelligence, monitoring, and news monitoring.

It's important to remember that web scraping only refers to the legitimate gathering of publicly available material readily accessible online. It excludes the selling of private information by people or companies. Businesses that decide to use web scraping as a tool for their operations typically do so to help them make decisions.

Web scraping quickly and efficiently gathers vast amounts of data that would typically take hours or even days to obtain manually.

What Is the Importance Of Web Scraping For Businesses?

Businesses and individuals may need to automate relevant data extraction for various reasons. To remain competitive, web scraping has become essential for the reasons listed below, to name a few.

Product Pricing

Any company can acquire real-time pricing information from competitors by extracting data. E-commerce businesses can then update their social media pages to include deals or coupons that interest their clients.

Tracking Market Trends

Knowing what clients want and are already buying is crucial when starting a new business or enhancing an existing one. Companies can keep up with trends and anticipate customer preferences using data scraping.

To Get Accurate Results

Web scraping software enables far higher accuracy in collecting important information than human staff to conduct the same search. The capacity to customize company websites, social media, and products to improve client satisfaction and overall market performance come with this increased accuracy.

To Save Time

Firms can enhance productivity by using the time saved by obtaining enormous data sets using web scrapers because that time can then be employed for other things. The learning curve businesses must go through to align themselves with market trends is thus shortened due to the data collection and parsing process.

A web scraper uses artificial intelligence (AI), which enables them to extract data quickly. AI is a fast-emerging and evolving field. A vital component of any successful business will continue to be the ability to extract web data for machine learning.

How To Choose A Good Web Scraper?

Data scraping tools are available in various designs and have varying strengths. The most outstanding online scraping solutions engage with the user and cater to their specific demands for web data extraction. But there are a few essential aspects to consider before deciding which extraction tool is appropriate for your company.


Although most extraction software has user guides for easy use, only some people want to use the same online browser or scrape the same websites. While some users prefer a web scraper made to function with Mac OS, others prefer a web scraping tool that works well with Windows.

Any given web scraper's user interface needs to be one in which the user may interact without spending a lot of time getting used to the application.

Supported Data Structures

Few common data formats are used for the majority of web scraping tools. A comma-separated values (CSV) format is the most popular of these data formats. The best web scraping solutions should be able to handle CSV files so that frequent Microsoft Excel users are familiar with this value.

Object Notation in Javascript is a separate, popular data format (JSON). Another format that the majority of efficient web crawlers ought to embrace is JSON because it's easy for computers to process and for people to comprehend. The better suited to specialized databases, Extensible Markup Language (XML) and, on occasion, Structured Query Language (SQL) is also available.


Any website and a wide variety of proxies should be able to establish an application programming interface (API) with a competent web scraping tool. Your extractor should be available as a browser extension and support rotating proxies. Similarly, picking an open-source web crawler gives you more flexibility and the ability to customize your scraping activities.

Customer Support Options

A web scraping tool with great customer service assistance is always a wise choice, regardless of your type. The top online scraping solutions frequently include round-the-clock customer support as part of their base prices.

Top 8 Web Scrapers In The Market

Knowing where to start when so much web scraper software is available can take time and effort. Each web crawler tool has a unique user base and uses cases. The best web scraping tools for business are examined in the list below.

Web Scraping API


Everything from browsers, CAPTCHAs, and rotating proxies to automatic scaling and anti-bot detection may be handled via Web Scraping API. Use a straightforward API request to obtain the raw HTML from any web page and provide everyone in your organization access to ready-to-process relevant data.

Get JSON, CSV, or HTML versions of Amazon product data from all categories and nations. Obtain complete product data by scraping it, including ratings, costs, details, ASIN information, best sellers, new arrivals, and discounts. 

Scrape Google SERPs to collect advertisements, organic results, maps, photos, shopping information, customer reviews, knowledge graph data, and more. Convert search results into organized JSON, CSV, or HTML data.


Some handy features of Web Scraping API include:

  • Prepared answers in HTML.
  • Bulk crawling of the websites you choose.
  • Modern bot detecting techniques.
  • Takes care of browsers, proxies, and CAPTCHAs.
  • Any development language integration.
  • Rendering in Javascript.
  • Customization upon demand (headers, IP geolocation, sticky sessions, and much more)

Scraper API


You may manage proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs with the aid of Scraper API. This enables you to use a straightforward API call to obtain the HTML from any web page. Integrating it means sending a GET request to an API endpoint along with your API key and URL.


Scraper API provides the following features and more:

  • Aids in rendering JavaScript and CAPTCHA resolution
  • Rotating Geolocated Proxies
  • Your file can be exported in JSON and CSV formats.
  • NodeJS, Cheerio, Python Selenium, and Python Scrapy Integration are seamlessly integrated.
  • Easy data extraction from HTML Tables and the Amazon website thanks to scraper API
  • Supports CSS and provides an XPATH selector Support for Google Sheets API
  • Support for programming languages including Node.js, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, and PHP.
  • Custom Headers, Custom Sessions, Never Get Blocked, and more are available with JavaScript.
  • It offers Chat and Contacts Forms for client service.

Bright Data


Bright Data offers entirely compliant and risk-free access to important web data with its customizable interface and flexibility to organize data sets of any size. You get a cost-effective method for quick and stable public web data gathering at scale, simple transformation of unstructured data into structured data, and superior user experience.

No matter the scale of the collection, Bright Data's next-generation Data Collector offers an automatic and personalized flow of data in a single dashboard. Data sets are adapted to your company's requirements, from e-commerce trends and social network data to competitive intelligence and market research. Gaining automatic access to comprehensive industry data will allow you to concentrate on your main business. 


The following functionalities are included in Bright Data web scrapers, which are designed for any client or use case:

  • Proxy API Add-on for the browser
  • Unblocker for data extraction
  • Crawler for search engines
  • Management of poxy (no code and open source)
  • Export files in CSV, Email, HTML, JSON, and API
  • Supports Google Sheets API
  • Extract data from a pool of information and a wide variety of sources
  • Supports XPath Selector, IP Rotation, Geolocating, CAPTCHA solving, and Javascript Rendering.
  • Provides customer support via Chat, Phone, and Email



ScrapingBee offers JavaScript renderings of web pages in the style of a real browser as a Chrome addon. With the help of this plugin, ScrapingBee can handle many headless instances while using less storage space. For software firms and developers who don't want to worry about proxies and headless browsers, it's a terrific tool.

To ensure you see the raw HTML page without being blocked, it can run Javascript on the sites and switch proxies for each request. Additionally, they have a specific API for scraping Google searches.


Some beneficial ScrapingBee features are:

  • Search engine results pages (SERPs) scraping
  • Growth hacking
  • Proxy rotation
  • Integrates with Google Sheets, Google Docs, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Airtable, Slack, Telegram Bot, Google Calendar, and Facebook Lead Ads
  • 1000 free API calls
  • Extract data from Websites, Google pages, and the web



ParseHub is not only well-liked but also free, and it comes in a handy downloadable app style. It's also one of the more adaptable web scrapers available, allowing for capturing both JSON and CSV files. This sophisticated web scraper makes obtaining the data you need as simple as clicking on it.

One of the greatest tools for data scraping, it enables you to download your collected data in any format for analysis. Users of ParseHub can even scrape information from maps and tables and access data that is protected by a login. Everyone who wants to play around with scraped data is the target audience.


Choosing ParseHub also provides the following features:

  • REST API with infinite scroll
  • The capacity to plan data collecting
  • Automatically store data on the cloud
  • Regular expressions and IP rotation
  • Extract data from multiple pages
  • Supports CSS, REGEX, and XPath Selector
  • Google Sheets API support
  • Supports programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, and Go



Scrapingdog provides HTML data from any website, making web scraping simple for developers and non-developers. With the added benefit of a LinkedIn API, Scrapingdog effortlessly handles browsers, proxies, and CAPTCHAs.


Additional significant functions of the Scrapingdog online application include:

  • JavaScript rendering
  • Headless Chrome
  • IP rotation
  • Webhooks



Diffbot has a completely hosted software as a service (SaaS), visual processing, and a useful "Analyze API" feature that enables automatically recognizing of web pages. Additionally, Diffbot is renowned for its clean text, HTML, and highly filtered structured searches.


The web scraping tool from Diffbot also offers the following advantages:

  • Customized crawling controls
  • CSV or JSON data formatting
  • APIs for images, videos, discussions, products, and articles
  • Supports CSS, REGEX, and XPath Selector
  • Extract data from sites, e-comm sites, and pages
  • Offers Clearbit, and Google Sheets API support
  • Supports Ruby, Python, JS, PHP, and Selenium programming languages
  • Datacenter Proxies, Bulk Extract, Custom SLA, and Knowledge Graph
  • Customer support via Email and Phone



Octoparse can be a good option for non-developers seeking a simple, programmable web scraping solution.


Users of Octoparse can benefit from the following in addition to valuable features like IP rotation and cloud storage services:

  • scraping on time at any moment
  • endless scrolling
  • Results for scraped data are provided in Excel, API, or CSV formats.

Choose The Best Tool For Your Business

Though several tools are available to get the job done, choosing the perfect tool for your business is essential. Keeping all the features mentioned above in mind, Web Scraping API is the best option to fulfill your web scraping needs with some fantastic advanced features.


The excellent program WebScrapingAPI combines the majority of the choices discussed previously. Manage all aspects of proxy management, including effective proxy rotation, access to millions of residential and data center proxy networks, geotargeting, and getting around websites with rate limits. Utilizing our cloud infrastructure with features like browser management, resource isolation, automatic scalability, and high availability render the web pages you want to scrape with actual browsers.

Over 10,000 enterprises use our APIs to gather more than 50 million pages monthly. We employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that your web scraping targets load in a flash and that you receive the API answer immediately. With the proliferation of single-page applications mainly relying on JavaScript, our technology allows you to scrape any web page using React, AngularJS, Vue, etc.

Businesses employ this service for pricing comparison to market research, lead creation, financial data, and many other uses. Therefore, we believe Web Scraping API should be your go-to tool for all your web scraping needs. Get started now.

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